1. Being the bigger person is bullshit!!


    So u’re an ass to me and I’m supposed to smile and nod and play nice??????
    ……..FUCK NO!!!
    Are u kidding me????
    Ima lay dat ass out!! If u have the audacity to come at me with a nasty tone of voice or just being fuckin rude Ima let u know! And I’m NOT gonna be pleasant about it……At all!!

    Trill shit

  2. Bout to take Cassie away from Diddy
  3. ✌️
  4. Mean Bitch
  5. Bitch whet
  6. Mind ya business bitch
  7. 👗👠👜
  8. Emily B. 💜
  9. @ Me Bitch
  10. 👍
  11. Yaass (Jerron Couture)
  12. Not that much 💁